Dark nights and Bright lights

As another year draws to a close, Christmas lights switch on up and down the country.  Festivals of Light see lanterns lining pathways through woodlands and spectacular illuminations are projected onto historic buildings or reflected in fountains and lakes. Lighting up the night sky reminds us that many quartz and natural stones can be accented […]

The best kitchen worktop for improved hygiene in the home

Good hygiene is important in the prevention of infection from a wide source of micro-organisms and this blog intends to help you determine the best kitchen worktops to maintain your hygiene standards at home.

Granite and quartz worktops – Perfect for pastry

An old cook’s saying is that pastry should be prepared with cool hands to get the best out of your bake. A cool floured granite or quartz worktop is ideal.

Preparing for granite and quartz kitchen worktops

When you embark on a kitchen re-fit, including that special treat of new stone kitchen worktops as well as new wall tiles and new cabinets, it’s hard to know where to start.

Affordable Luxury, Long Lasting Beauty

Granite, Quartz and Ceramic surfaces not only look fabulous, but they will last forever.

Laminate versus Granite, Quartz and Ceramics

Why Settle for Laminate when you can have the affordable luxury of Granite, Quartz or Ceramic Worktops?