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Care and maintenance for your natural stone worktop will ensure a long and happy life. If you have any questions about your countertops, feel free to contact our team of specialists.



Care & Maintenance



Granite countertops are relatively low maintenance, and it is unlikely you will ever need to repair or resurface your granite.

Day-to-day cleaning can be done with a damp microfiber cloth and mild antibacterial soap and water to keep your surfaces spick and span. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, which can damage the protective layer of sealant which is applied to the granite to reduce porosity and prevent staining.



Marble is composed of calcium carbonate, which is softer and more porous than granite.

Acidic spills like wine, citrus fruit or tomatoes can damage marble, so care should be taken to ensure these are quickly dealt with.

Use a mild, pH-neutral cleanser and damp cloth before drying the surface with a soft towel. While it is tolerant of high temperatures, you should not rest pots or pans directly on your marble countertop.



Quartz countertops can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild antibacterial soap.

Although quartz is stain-resistant, any coloured liquids should be cleaned as soon as possible to avoid marking the surface.

Avoid using the countertop to cut food or rest pots and pans on. While quartz is heat-resistant, it can still be damaged by a sudden change in temperature, known as thermal shock.

The DO’s and DONT’s for Granite and Quartz Worktops

With the correct care, your worktop will look beautiful for many years to come, if you continue to observe the following guidance:

  • Wipe down daily with soapy water and dry with a micro fibre cloth.
  • Clean spillages up immediately
  • You can use small amounts of Cif Cream Cleaner, Cif Activ Spray or Astonish Cream Cleaner, if marks do not come off with soapy water.
  • Use a kitchen sponge and rinse thoroughly with water afterwards.
  • If limescale is a problem, you can use Bar Keepers Friend Power Cream or The Pink Stuff. Use sparingly and rinse thoroughly with water afterwards.
  • Use Chopping boards and heat trivets.
  • Never use corrosive cleaners such as Cillit bang, Viakal etc.
  • If you use Oven Pride do not get it anywhere near your stone worktops.
  • Do not cut directly on your granite/quartz with knives.
  • Do not stand or sit or place heavy objects on your stone worktop.
  • Do not allow sustained contact with heat sources.
  • If you do manage to damage your worktop, please contact our office.