Laminate versus Granite, Quartz and Ceramics

Why Settle for Laminate when you can have the affordable luxury of Granite, Quartz or Ceramic Worktops?

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Many people assume they cannot afford the luxury of a Granite, Quartz or Ceramic Worktop


… yet today modern production methods have made them considerably less costly whilst Laminate has increased in cost – today the benefits surely outweigh the relatively small additional upfront cost and fabricators own brands such as The Granite House Premium Value Range are a match for the quality of the brands at a further good saving.


A lifetime of Value for money


So what are the benefits? With laminate on chipboard moisture inevitably starts to degrade the core and after as little as 10 years it is likely to be looking tired and possible in need of replacement. Solid surfaces will still look very good at this age and well looked after can easily last 20 – 30 years or more making them much more cost effective over time. So why not make a statement and save money for an extra pound or two per week (over the 10-year life of a typical laminate worktop)

Granite and Quartz surfaces are rapidly becoming the preferred material for kitchen worktops around the world because of their luxurious presence, high strength, and durability. The range of patterns, colours and prices make finding the right choice for your home easy.

The 5 other major benefits for stone over laminate include:


Enhance and adds value to your home


The high-end aesthetic that stone adds to a home can boost the saleability and the value of your property, and as the quality is easily maintained the value is kept for many, many years.


It is Low maintenance and saves you time


Easy to wipe down and keep clean which makes for the good hygienic standards required in a kitchen. Manufactured stone, quartz, is nonporous which prevents entry of liquid and bacteria into the stone itself. Natural stone, granite, has some degree of porosity depending on the type chosen, occasional sealing makes it relatively impermeable.


Hard-wearing and long lasting


Hot pans, knives and heavy crockery all have the potential to damage your worktops – the durability of stone helps it to withstand this frequent wear and tear, so chips, cracks and scratches are minimal, and your worktops remain virtually blemish free finish.


Stain resistance and non-absorbing


Manufactured from natural stone and chemical resin, quartz has low porosity that gives it excellent stain-resistance. Natural granite is porous, regularly treated with proprietary sealers make it resistant to absorption. This stain resistance is a vital feature in a food preparation area where spillages are likely.


Beautiful and aesthetic


The choice is yours and there are lots of options. Granite offers an outstanding, natural beauty that can be both opulent, modern, or traditional, it will be your unique piece as no two slabs are the same. Manufactured stone like quartz is a mixture of resin and natural stone and because it is man-made there is a greater degree of control over the appearance and pattern, and it will complement any existing home.


So, if you have been looking at Laminate Worktops but would like to consider granite or quartz, give The Granite House a call on 01869 225962 or email us at [email protected]

Alternatively call into our workshop and showroom: 42 Murdock Rd., Bicester OX26 4PP

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