The best kitchen worktop for improved hygiene in the home

Good hygiene is important in the prevention of infection from a wide source of micro-organisms and this blog intends to help you determine the best kitchen worktops to maintain your hygiene standards at home.

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Whilst many of the micro-organisms present in the home do not cause us any problems and co-exist without any cause for concern, it is without doubt that good hygiene practice in the kitchen will prevent some contamination from bacteria and viruses among others.


“Bacteria can survive on surfaces in the home for long periods of time” – Hygiene Council


Other than following the recommendations of the Hygiene Council and regularly cleaning kitchen surfaces, there is something else you can do to improve the hygiene rating of the kitchen worktops themselves. Some kitchen worktop surfaces are more likely to retain food residues and present a risk of bacteria forming than others.

Wooden worktops and cutting surfaces for example, which are naturally characteristically textured and more vulnerable to damage, require extensive treatment to improve their hygienic condition. Man-made stone surfaces such as quartz, or Lapitec and Dekton sintered stone kitchen worktops are manufactured to have the highest standards of hygiene.


“It is important that surfaces be made from materials that are resistant, smooth and impermeable” – Silestone by COSENTINO


Stone kitchen worktops, whether man made or natural have that smooth, impermeable surface that is important in increasing the resistance to viruses and bacteria.


  • Quartz kitchen worktops

Because of the compression system used in the production process of quartz kitchen worktops, they have a very low level of porosity. This ability to resist fluid absorption makes quartz extremely hygienic for use in kitchens.

The Granite House has an extensive choice of quartz kitchen worktop manufacturers, with an even greater choice of designs and colours.


  • Lapitec sintered stone kitchen worktops

Bio Care technology, used in the manufacturing process of Lapitec sintered stone, provides the material with antibacterial properties, baked right in. Sintered stones are highly scratch and chip resistant, making them ideal for food preparation areas, especially for smaller kitchens where every centimetre is in constant use. Please get in touch to discuss our range of Lapitec sintered stone kitchen worktops.


  • Dekton sintered stone kitchen worktops

The most hardwearing of kitchen surfaces, Dekton is highly resistant to scratches, stains, extreme temperatures and abrasion. With zero porosity and lack of micro-defects Dekton sintered stone kitchen worktops can boast superior kitchen hygiene standards.


  • Granite kitchen worktops

As a natural stone, granite will inevitably have a slightly higher porosity than the manmade alternatives above. However, granite kitchen worktops are still highly resistant to heat and damage, ensuring the surface stays smooth and easy to clean.


The Granite House works closely with a number of quartz manufacturers and granite suppliers, as well as with Lapitec and Dekton sintered stone suppliers.

Please feel free to get in touch with any queries you may have regarding the replacement of your existing kitchen worktops, or with remodelling your entire kitchen – we are always happy to help.


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