The Ultimate, Affordable Luxury of a Wet Room!

Compared to a bath or shower cubicle, wet rooms are extremely easy to clean and maintain, especially if you also opt for a wall-hung toilet and basin and seamless and invisible stone or porcelain walls and floors from The Granite House.

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Wet rooms have often been thought of as unaffordable, yet today more people are opting for a wet room rather than a traditional bathroom – the ultimate and affordable luxury for a family bathroom or your luxury en-suite room.


Think about the space and freedom with a larger area to shower, a whole room that drains for easy drying and easy cleaning.

With both functionality and style, wet rooms are the perfect solution for any bathroom which is tight for space, whether extremely narrow or visually and functionally dated, as well as larger spaces. Their sleek design and modern finishing add a sense of luxury to your home, and their appeal can significantly increase the value of your property- another great reason to consider investing in a wet room?


Compared to a bath or shower cubicle, wet rooms are extremely easy to clean and maintain, especially if you also opt for a wall-hung toilet and basin and seamless and invisible stone or porcelain walls and floors from The Granite House.

This and their level access and lack of nooks and crannies mean typical bathroom build up is kept to a minimum, and there are no crevices for soap to gather over time.

As well as being easy to maintain and keep clean, wet rooms are easily accessible for all members of the family, and particularly beneficial to multi-generational households.

A wet room provides an accessible shower for children and those with mobility problems. One of the biggest benefits when it comes to wet rooms is accessibility. For anyone who may have trouble getting in and out of the bath or shower, wet rooms can be a liberating, luxurious solution to bathing difficulties – making them future proof as often, as people grow older and their mobility is compromised, washing and bathing can be a source of anxiety as they struggle to get in and out of multi-level showers or baths.


Wet rooms are a safe option for everyone, but especially children and those with reduced mobility and can be left completely open to allow for wheelchair access just choose one of the more slip resistant options for the floor.

The design can be completely tailored to your tastes and to suit all users’ needs, so if you still want the option of a bathtub, you can create a multi-purpose wet room. Grab safety rails or fold-down seating can be added in positions just to suit you, or if you have room, a bench seat with locker underneath.

A wet room can also reflect your personal taste in all respects – with so many colours, textures, and patters to choose from there is something to suit everyone. The Granite House have a great range of the latest materials from brand names such as Dekton, Ceraisio and Neolith, modern large sheet ceramics that will minimise joint and grout lines making the look much more seamless.


So, in summary:


Wet rooms give you more design options – flex your creative ideas and talk to us about ours


With few obstructions a more open and sophisticated feel is possible, creativity in lighting, surfaces and materials make for a unique luxury feel.


Wet rooms provide high aesthetic value


Wet rooms add a WOW! factor to any property. Our single piece wall to ceiling surfaces, minimalist fixtures, and an open plan design, all ooze simplicity and contemporary elegance. Never underestimate the power of a stunning wet room! Look to choose from large sheet porcelain ceramics from Ceraision for example.


Increase the value of your property with a wet room


It’s known that homes go up in value if they have a wet room where elegant design and suitability for both young families and those with mobility problems will make a home more attractive to potential buyers.


Wet rooms offer great space-saving


Wet rooms are a great space-saving solution for small properties. You get all the benefits of a functional, practical shower space without the need for awkward fixtures and fittings, make use of architectural features, such as a vaulted roof in a loft or Victorian property, by installing an open plan wet room with a glass screen – not possible to achieve with a enclosure or get more out of an en-suite.


Wet rooms are easy to clean


With fewer fixtures and fittings and more space, the bathroom becomes so easy to clean. No dirt and grime in runners and creases, wet rooms simply don’t have this problem- so more time for other things! Add wall-mounted toilet and floating basin, you have a floor completely free from obstacles making washing down so easy with everything running to drain! Large sheet porcelain and ceramic materials from makes such as Neolith give minimal joints and no grout lines when mitred corners are used.


Wet rooms give supreme accessibility.


With its level entry wet rooms are great for those whose movement is limited – no stepping up to the shower tray, and when fitted with a non-slip surface safe for all.


Wet rooms last longer


A correctly installed wet room is extremely resistant to moisture damage and leaks with a carefully installed waterproof layer (tanking) under the surfaces mean that a wet room will look newer for longer and so have a long useful. Without grout joints the large sheet ceramics and porcelain from Brands such as Dekton keep the wet room or wet area look new for a very long lifetime.


Ease of installation


With The Granite House and its partners, you can have a beautiful designed wet room made to your personal taste and needs that will add value top you house, elegance to your home and ease of use to your life.


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