The natural choice

Investing in a quality granite worktop crafted at The Granite House gives your kitchen or bathroom a touch of luxury that will last for decades.



What’s the difference?

Laminate countertops are manufactured by bonding layers of paper and resin, which acts as a binder, and then pressing the layers to form a single sheet. This sheet is then cut to size and applied to the plywood countertop base.

Laminate is available in a huge variety of colours and patterns, including those that mimic natural stone and wood countertops.

Granite and quartz countertops are crafted from large blocks which are chiselled and blasted from quarries and open pit mines. Special tools are used to refine the blocks into workable slabs, from which beautiful, durable countertops are formed.

The specific patterns, colours, and veining details are specific to each unique slab of granite or quartz.

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Durability & cost

While it is usually highly stain-resistant, laminate does not fare well under heavy use or high temperatures and can easily be cut by sharp knives or burned by hot pans.

Perhaps one of the most durable natural stone surfaces, granite is heat resistant up to over 600C°, almost impossible to scratch, chip or crack, and can last decades if properly cared for. Quartz also resists scratches and burns well, is low maintenance and lasts for decades if cared for properly

When it comes to carrying out renovations or building from scratch, budget is always a key consideration when deciding on the final touches – fixtures, fittings and finishes. While laminate is more affordable and relatively easy to replace, investing in quartz or granite will give your kitchen a sense of timeless quality and durability that will add to the value your home.

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