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Choosing the right material for your kitchen worktop is an important decision. Here at The Granite House we will help you pick the right stone in the right colour and at the right price. With well over 100 options across the ranges of Granite and Quartz we promise that there will be something to suit you and really add that WOW factor to the room.

Granite will offer you strength and durability alongside stunning natural beauty for your worktops. With truly amazing colours and patterns to choose from, you can visit one of the stone importers that we work with and choose the granite that we will then work and install in your kitchen. The result will be a completely unique finish to your kitchen and will definitely get your friends and family talking.

Quartz Surfaces will give you everything you need for a busy kitchen. With a high heat, scratch and stain resistance they are one of the most practical and durable options for your kitchen. Whether you want something simple like a TGH Simply White or a more exotic pattern like CRL Quartz Colorado, there is something to suit both your design and your pocket.  Why not pop into our showroom here in Bicester and have a look at the huge selection of samples that we have and let us help you achieve your dream kitchen.


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