Going Green at The Granite House

By choosing Granite, Quartz or Ceramic for their worktops, our customers are already ensuring that they have a long lasting, highly durable and therefore more sustainable product for their home.

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As we all become more aware of Environmental issues, individuals and businesses are starting to look at how they work and can make a difference.


Here at The Granite House, we are committed to doing everything we can to become a ‘greener’ company. We have recently invested in our first fully electric vehicle. We filter and recycle 90% of all the water used on site, we have fitted improved insulation in the workshop, and have separate waste streams for recycling and reducing land fill. We have got beautiful hanging baskets and troughs with flowers to attract bees and butterflies, and birds benefit from feeders in winter. These are small changes, but they all add up, and set the pace for future change.

By choosing Granite, Quartz or Ceramic for their worktops, our customers are already ensuring that they have a long lasting, highly durable and therefore more sustainable product for their home. Granite, Quartz and Ceramic surfaces will outlast and out perform laminate, wood and acrylic, plus if you do decide to replace existing stone they have a great re sell/up cycle value.

And our suppliers are all working hard to offer surfaces with improved Eco credentials. For example, the Silestone® Hybriq + range is a new, high-performance blend of premium minerals, quartz and recycled glass. And the manufacturing process is completely fuelled by renewable energy and recycled water.

All the manufacturing processes comply with high environmental standards, which makes Silestone® Hybriq +, installed by The Granite House, a highly sustainable and unique product.

Technistone have also revealed their new Elegance Eco line a complete product range that is not only environmentally responsible but cost effective. The Elegance line – Elegance Eco Nev, Ash Eco Elegance and Elegance Eco Zen. They all have a proportion of recycled materials, at least 30% and are certified by SCS Global Services.

So already, The Granite House is making sure that they can supply the latest generation of environmentally conscious materials, with a template, fabrication and installation process that has great green credentials – with more improvements to come as we develop further.


If you would like to consider granite or quartz, give The Granite House a call on 01869 225962 or email us at [email protected]

Alternatively call into our workshop and showroom: 42 Murdock Rd., Bicester OX26 4PP

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