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Pretty in pink – Bathroom trends for 2016

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Following on from last month’s trendy kitchens blog, we take a look at the latest trends for the bathrooms of 2016. More affordable than updating a kitchen, bathrooms are the room at the top of the list for increasing desirability to buyers. Even if you’re not selling, who doesn’t appreciate a bathroom with a touch of elegance?

Free standing tubs and walk in showers

Bathrooms in 2016 are expected to follow the example set by luxury hotels. Emanate the most popular looks in the world’s best high end hotels with two simple changes: add floor to ceiling tiles or fully clad walls in stone such as granite, quartz or marble and install a free standing bath tub. If the nostalgic claw footed tub of the 1800′s is not to your taste, modern free standing baths offer clean lines and contemporary shapes.

Some home-owners are taking the bold step of removing the bath all together and opting instead for a shower. With the space gained, you have the perfect opportunity to be adventurous with your trendy shower. Floor level shower trays, ceiling to floor glass enclosures with stone tiles and shower heads to mimic the rainfall in a tropical forest perfectly follow the style of luxurious hotels.

Think minimal, and the colour of choice for bathroom furniture in 2016? White.



Heated Stone floors

According to interior designer Loretta J Willis, heated stone floors are one of the most sought after bathroom trends for 2016. And if you want to reflect the world’s most luxurious hotel bathrooms in your own bathroom floor, then marble is the stone of choice. Affordable options that mimic the depth and decadence of true marble come in the form of sintered stones, such as Dekton and Lapitec, or versatile composite stone like quartz. Whatever your budget and whatever the size of your bathroom, you are sure to find the perfect stone for a truly luxurious under foot feel.


Dekton bathroom, from The Granite House, marble and classic black and white checks in stone tiles

The colour pink

Maria Killam, the ‘Colour me Happy’ blogger,  assures us that the colour of choice for on-trend bathrooms in 2016 is pink. But, far from the dated shades of the 70′s, the shade to go for is known as ’tissue pink’. Less of a garish retro look, tissue pink has a soft, pastel hue, with a hint of beige. Stick with a white bathroom suite and update the room with new vanity tops in a choice of naturally stately stones such as granite, or marble, or composite and sintered stones like quartz, Dekton and Lapitec.











Wall colours and vanity top accessories in complimentary colours or vintage floral patterns complete the look.

Our top pick for bathrooms in 2016

The Granite House loves heated stone floors. We think the incandescent beauty of natural stone adds a touch of pure luxury to any room and in a bathroom it brings true elegance, worthy of the best hotels in the world. An affordable, particularly durable, but just as luxurious option is to choose a quartz that emanates natural stone.

To achieve an on trend look for your bathroom in 2016, we recommend Starlight Red from Technistone for the floor and walls around the shower and basin. The pinkish hue is just enough to be on-trend for 2016 whilst still neutral enough to be in good taste.


Starlight Red, by Technistone

For advice on choosing the perfect stone for your bathroom renovation project, or if you would like to view off cuts to use on a smaller project such as vanity tops, please get in touch. We are always happy to help.

The Granite House

Maria Killam – Colour Me Happy

Loretta J Willis, Interior Designer