Already there are predictions for the hottest new looks for kitchens in 2016. There’s a lot of choice out there and we’ll take you through the design trends with kitchen worktops, open shelving and the themes that are emerging for 2016

Industrial Chic

Industrial chic and mid-century modern designs are set to be the top choices of kitchen design in 2016.  Think brick, stone, copper and man-made textures mixed in with modern stainless steel and white appliances; iron and wood industrial tables, steel stools, weathered metal mirrors, all designed to reflect the ‘working life’.

The beauty of this Industrial style is that it’s timeless, neutral, simple and natural.  Given this, you can mix individual pieces in with any other type of design style. You can achieve this look by replacing kitchen countertops for a naturally luxurious stone like granite, or choose a contemporary colour with quartz or sintered stone. Open shelves and eclectic furniture will look great teamed with bare stonework and an industrial style, clean edged kitchen worktop, like this one from Caesarstone:


Piatra Grey kitchen worktops by Caesarstone at The Granite House

Open shelving

Replacing your kitchen doors has always been a quick fix in redesigning your kitchen but for 2016 one hot new design tip is to bare your kitchen collections to the world and go with open shelves. Be brave and remove the doors, or remove the whole unit and go for a dresser.

We are all becoming more discerning in our collections of goods and more eclectic in the mix of modern and retro crockery and accessories that we use. The increased interest in all kinds of cooking and entertaining has given way to a trend of showing off all these items as evidence of our tastes and cooking prowess.

Select the appropriate cupboards to reveal to your visitors and embrace the trend for the use of Kilner jars and Scandinavian style wooden racks and shelving to ensure the items that are usually hidden away are showcased in the best possible way. Hooks and kitchen maids make for great displays of pans, veg and utensils. Don’t forget ‘shabby chic’ is still going to be popular next year, so an eclectic collection of crockery and cookbooks will look simply stunning to your visitors.


Lounge style

The kitchen has always been considered to be the heart of the home. The place that food comes from to feed your appetites as well as your love for those you feed. Modern homes are continually opening up smaller kitchen areas and creating kitchen diners, with extensions or the addition of conservatories.

And the design choice for the larger kitchen? Lounge furniture. Comfort is key in the kitchen for 2016. Bring in contemporary pieces from high street shops or keep to the eclectic style and choose an antique signature piece such as a rug or comfy armchair for those lazy Sunday mornings.


Perlino Kitchen worktops by Compac at The Granite House

So now you know what to aim for when refurbishing your kitchen, give The Granite House a call to discover a vast choice of natural and modern kitchen worktops and find the perfect match for your new design.