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More than just a Granite, Marble & Stone supplier, a day in the life of our Office Manager

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At The Granite House, the office opens at 8.30am, although the workshop starts at 7.30am. The most important job when I get in is to make a cup of tea for both myself and the boss! That is Tim Rotherham, Tim began the business in his garage, importing granite and marble direct from source visiting quarries and stone shows around the world. Tim soon built relationships with suppliers and learnt all he could about the different types of natural stone available. The natural progression was for Tim to cut and fit the granite and quartz worktops for domestic and commercial customers, with that The Granite House was created.

Once I have delivered Tim’s tea, we have a quick catch up and I check and respond to emails and on line quote requests. Our website lets customers go through all the options and questions needed for us to give them an initial quote; things such as timings, material choice and worktop colour, thickness of stone, worktop measurements, what edges will need to be polished, number of tap holes, drainer grooves, upstands and splashbacks. You wouldn’t believe how much there is to consider and the amount of choices there are. Errors are easily made if everything is not considered, but this is just the initial quote. When our customers decide to proceed with their order, one of the team goes to the house and professionally measures the kitchen or bathroom and checks all these details with the customer.

There are two stages to getting a stone worktop once quotes have been agreed. Firstly, we come out to complete an accurate template from which to fabricate your new worktops and I need to ensure the following is all in place:
• All base cabinets have to be fixed and perfectly level.
• All end panels must be in place.
• Units must not move once the template is complete, as even a millimetre of movement can jeopardise the quality of the final fit.
• All sinks and hobs must be onsite and available to the team.
• All Agas, ranges and free standing cookers must be in their final place.
• Any plastering that is required needs to be done either before we template or after we complete the installation.

Once the template appointments are in the diary I can order materials for upcoming jobs and book new jobs which involve taking payments. We require a deposit as a commitment to projects before any stone is ordered or cut, this is usually 25% of the estimate value.

The Granite House has a team of highly skilled stoneworkers, who between them have over 75 years’ of experience of cutting and fitting granite, quartz and marble. I liaise with the workshop daily to check on the progress of the jobs that are currently underway and check everything is on the same schedule as I have in the office and there are no issues I will need to deal with.

Our phone is busy all day long, we get a lot of phone enquiries which I deal with; I am also here at the showroom to help any walk in customers. The Granite House prides itself in its customer service and we welcome customers to our workshops to look at stone samples or choose their granite or marble. Unlike man-made stone that comes in ‘uniform’ colours and patterns naturally occurring stones like granite or marble have unique patterns and colours that vary according to where they come from and from slab to slab, so we highly recommend customers visit us to choose the perfect slab for their project.
I have seen the company change over the years as we have grown but Tim’s original idea remains the same. The Granite House prides itself on supplying its customers with exceptional service and premium quality granite, quartz and marble all at affordable prices and I am proud to be a daily part of that. We are quite often a small part of a renovation project and I thrive on customers sending photos of their completed bathroom, kitchen or hallway. I love interiors and quite often over lunch I will be flicking through a home or renovation magazine, the one lovely thing about this job is that you get to see some great projects. I quite often go home with a little house envy!

Lynne – Office Manager.