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Go for colour this Christmas with granite and quartz kitchen worktops

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If you’re at home for Christmas, you’ll be spending a fair amount of time in the kitchen. There will be visitors to welcome, drinks to serve, and nibbles to, well… nibble on. Not to mention the minor task of cooking and clearing what can seem like a year’s worth of meals in a single fortnight. The kitchen really earns the title of ‘heart of the home’ over the Christmas break – so why wait until after the holidays to update your kitchen with a new granite or quartz worktop?

Our Range of Granite Colours

Formed over millions of years from compressed molten rock under the Earth’s surface, Granite is one of the hardest and most durable natural substances known to man.

It has heat-resistant qualities and is also unlikely to scratch or chip. When used for kitchen worktops, it is far superior to synthetic, laminate or wood. It is also much more beautiful and has a luminous, three dimensional quality that brings an element of luxury to the kitchen.

In terms of colour and patterns , the choice is almost endless. Whether you want simple colours that compliment or vibrant patterns that make a statement, granite offers something for everyone.

Because Granite is a naturally formed, stone patterns and colours vary from slab to slab so it is worth coming to visit us at The Granite House to see for yourself the individual slabs available. Call to make an appointment on 01869 324 442.

So what festive colours can The Granite House offer?

Here are a few examples of granite with a festive feel to get you inspired this Christmas.

New Venetian Gold

New Venetian Gold granite originates from Brazil and is a light, golden granite colour with flecks of blacks and creams running throughout. Typically New Venetian Gold granite is used for kitchen worktops as it is extremely hard wearing.



Marinace Red

Marinace Red granite is a red granite with stone shapes of grey, whites and pinks running throughout. It has a unique pattern formed from granite pieces deposited in moving water.

This granite originates from Brazil and is used predominately for kitchens as it is extremely durable and retains its beauty year upon year.


Verde Marinace granite

Verde Marinace granite is a green granite with shades of pinks, greys and lighter green. Again it’s unique pattern is formed from granite pieces deposited in moving water.

This granite colour will work well with most colour schemes and looks great with light cabinets including creams, ivory and beiges.


Our Range of Quartz Colours

Quartz worktops are known as such due to the high content of natural quartz in the composite stone used for this versatile material. Quartz composite is highly durable, heat-resistant, and scratch-resistant. Similarly to Granite, Quartz surfaces are ideal for use in the kitchen due to their admirable characteristics and as it is a man-made alternative to Granite, patterns and colours are consistent.

There are many brands of quartz and we work with a selection of the leading manufactures to offer our customers the highest quality and choice.

Gold Stone.

Okite worktops are specially engineered from a combination of natural quartz, polyester resin and natural colour pigments. With Okite you are guaranteed a stunning finish. The sumptuous gold stone design works well against either light or dark cabinets to give your kitchen that ‘21st century’ modern touch.



Compac Quartz is ideal for those wanting to make a statement with their kitchen counters. ‘Rubi’ is like a fine wine, dark red kitchens are rich, full-bodied and designed to be shared so are perfect if you intend your kitchen as a sociable setting.



Silestone Verde Fun

Silestone Verde Fun is a bright green quartz colour that works well with many colour schemes. This quartz also looks great with light, dark and wooden cabinets.

Verde Fun can brighten up any home and create a fantastic feature. This quartz colour is part of Silestone’s Life Series.



Quartz worktops are highly durable, heat resistant and scratch resistant so are considered a great investment for kitchens.


If Christmas colours aren’t to your taste have a look at our wide selection on line at or to discuss your worktop requirements and view our extensive range of Granite and Quartz samples, why not arrange a consultation? Telephone: 01869 324 442