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Drainer grooves in Granite and Quartz Kitchen worktops

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Choosing your kitchen worktops is probably one of the first things you’ll do when designing a new kitchen, or you may have simply decided to replace the worktops themselves.

Choosing your sink
The style of your kitchen may dictate the type of basin you’ll choose, white Belfast sinks for that country cottage look or stainless steel for a more modern look. Whichever style of sink you choose drainage will have to be considered. Some sinks are designed with an integrated draining board, particularly stainless steel and plastic options, but for sinks that are mounted under the counter, Belfast sinks and bowls you need to add drainage from the worktop into the basin in the form of drainer grooves if you’re using stone kitchen worktops.

Drainer Groove options
There are a few choices in the design of your drainer grooves such as the length, shapes and the number of grooves you can have.  You can also decide if you would like them on the left or right hand side of your sink or on both sides.

Drainer grooves stop the water creeping along the counter top, getting everything wet in its path and eventually dripping onto your kitchen floor.  By having the grooves in the stone excess water drains away into the sink and you’ll avoid a puddle of water after your washing-up or vegetable preparation.  If you choose to have a stone worktop, drainer grooves are an excellent way to create a beautiful aesthetic feature that offers a practical use.  At Granite House, our stone masons make them in sets of 5 and the customer can select the positions, lengths and patterns to suit them.








There are lots of details to be thought about when choosing sinks, drainer grooves and the details of your worktop. Our easy to use quotation page will give you an indication of all the elements you will need to consider such as drainer grooves, polished edges, the polished edges of cut outs for your sink, tap holes, upstands and splash backs as an alternative to tiles behind your sink and hob/range area.
The Granite House prides itself in its customer service and whatever you’re looking for we will talk you through all your options to ensure you get the perfect worktop for your kitchen.