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3 hot looks for your kitchen worktops in Spring 2015

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Granite – Nature’s choice for natural beauty

The buzz word for fashionable home decorating this Spring is ‘natural’ and how better to bring nature into your kitchen worktops than with a luminescent piece of stone that has been formed over millions of years, deep beneath the earth’s surface? Granite is born out of volcanic rock, bringing with it the stirring passion of the earth. The colours and patterns are all formed naturally from the earth’s resources giving us an almost endless choice. You can choose cool colours like Imperial White or River White or warmer hues such as Kashmir Gold and New Venetian Gold. If vibrancy and statement patterns are more your style, try Ivory Brown or Surf Green – You will be amazed at the stunning qualities natural granite can offer your kitchen worktops.


Quartz – Man-made alternative to granite

With man-made quartz kitchen worktops, you can bring a modern look to your home this Spring. Quartz kitchen worktops are very durable, highly heat-resistant and scratch resistant. Colours and patterns are varied with something to suit all tastes.

Go bold and bright with Verde Fun or New Passion, if you want to keep it things more natural try Shitake and Cyssus. For crisp and clean choose Blanco Zeus or Diamond White.


Sintered Stone with Dekton and Lapitec

As fashionable as a home can be, it needs to stand up to the rigours of life. The superior surface for kitchen worktops, sintered stone comprises of 100% mineral, with no resins or hydrocarbon based binder components. Again the stone can be made to simulate the natural beauty of granite, but can withstand the hardest of knocks and highest of temperatures. The colours are endless, the choice of finishes is vast. And as a man-made kitchen worktop, sintered stones such as Dekton or Lapitec can be as fashionable as you want.

Feel free to ask us

This Spring, kitchen decor trends favour natural colours and patterns with a durable high gloss finish. The Granite House is always happy to advise you on your stone choices. We have a large number of slabs in stock, available to view at our Bicester workshop. Just give us a call and ask us anything.